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Images of SF-M Series UHS-II SD Memory Card
Images of SF-M Series UHS-II SD Memory Card
Images of SF-M Series UHS-II SD Memory Card

High speed data transfer

SF-M Series offers 260MB/s read speed and 100MB/s write speed for maximum transfer rate with UHS-II host devices. With Class 10 and UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) you'll be ready to capture 4K Ultra HD. Read speed of up to 260MB/s maximizes workflow efficiency while write speed of up to 100MB/s supports advanced camera functions such as continuous burst shooting with UHS-II host cameras.

File Rescue

Sometimes things go wrong and data such as photos and files get damaged or lost. File Rescue is a powerful tool for recovering damaged or lost data that is simple enough for anyone to use. Available as a free download to memory card customers.

Download File Rescue

High reliability

Ultimate reliability and durability even in intense use: X-ray proof, Waterproof, Temperature proof and shock-proof

Make the most of your camera supporting to UHS-Ⅱ with the SF-M series UHS-II memory card. Ideal for burst shooting. High-speed data transfer up to 260MB/s (Read), 100MB/s (Write)
  • Enjoy the convenience of fastest read/write speeds with class 10, U3

  • Works with free File Rescue software to save compromised data

  • Select models 4K compatible

Transfer Speed (read)
Up to 260MB/s
Transfer Speed (Write)
Up to 100MB/s
Speed Class
Class10 (SD Speed Class), Class3 (UHS Speed Class)
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