Watch and listen to your Xperia TM content on your TV.

Find out how to enjoy videos, music and applications from your TM smartphone on your TV screen with screen mirroring.

Relevant products:

This information is applicable for the following models:


  • KDL-24W605A / 603A
  • KDL-32W656A / 655A / 654A / 653 / 650A / 605A / 603A / 600A
  • KDL-40W905A
  • KDL-42W809A / 808A /807A / 805A / 656A / 655A / 654A / 653A / 650A
  • KDL-46W905A
  • KDL-47W809A / 808A / 807A / 805A /
  • KDL-55W905A / 809A / 808A / 807A / 805A
  • KD-55X9005A
  • KD-65X9005A


  • Xperia TM Z / L / SP / ZR / V


  • Xperia TM Tablet Z

Make your TV and smartphone interact

You can do this by using one of the following 3 options:

  1. Connect using the NFC function
  2. Connect using Wi-Fi Direct
  3. Connect via MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link)

Connect using the NFC function

Connect your Xperia TM quickly and easily using NFC by tapping it against your TV. Before you get started, you'll need to prepare your TV and smartphone.

Prepare your TV:

  1. Turn on the TV and press the button HOMEon the remote control.
  2. Using the remote select Settings --> One-touch Remote Control Setupand then Register.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to register.
  4. When the registration is completed, a confirmation message will appear.

Prepare your Xperia TM smartphone

  1. Press the menu button and select Settings.
  2. Select More... and check "NFC Allow data...". The smartphone now is ready.

Connect the TV and the smartphone

  1. Unlock your Xperia TM Phone.
  2. Hold the back of your smartphone against the back of the TV remote control and wait until the message "Detected" appears on the TV screen. The TV and smartphone are now connected.

Connect using Wi-Fi Direct

To connect using Wi-Fi direct, you'll first need to activate the feature on your TV and adjust the settings before you connect your phone for the first time


  • You can only connect using Wi-Fi Direct if your Xperia TM is running Android version 4.2 or higher. Check your phone's settings to find out which version you are using

Activate Wi-Fi Direct on your TV

  1. Turn on the TV and press the button HOMEon the remote control.
  2. Using the remote select Settings, Wi-Fi Direct and selecting On to activate Wi-Fi Direct:

Set up Wi-Fi direct

There are two ways to set up Wi-Fi direct

Connect via WPS

    1. Press the button HOMEon the remote control.
    2. Using the remote select Settings then Wi-Fi Direct Settings
    3. Press the Options button on the remote control and select Manual.
    4. Select WPS (Push Button) and then Start.when prompted:

    5. On your smartphone, press Menu and select Settings.
    6. Select Wi-Fi and press the WPS button in the bottom left corner of the screen:
    7. Your smartphone and the TV will start establishing a connection. Once they're connected, select OK:
    8. You should now also see the following message on your TV screen:

Now your devices are connected, you can share your Xperia TM screen with your TV

Connecting via manual input of SSID & WPA Key

  1. Press the HOME button on the remote control.
  2. Using the remote select Settings then Wi-Fi Direct Settings
  3. Press the Options button on the remote control and select Manual.
  4. Select Other Methods. The SSID and WPA key information will now appear. Keep these details safe because you'll need to type them into your smartphone to pair the devices:
  5. On your Xperia phone press "Menu" and select "Settings".
  6. Select "Wi-Fi" and than select your BRAVIA (r) TV.
  7. Enter the WPA Key shown on the TV screen and select Connect. Your smartphone and TV are now connected:

Activate screen mirroring on your smartphone

Once your phone and your TV are connected, you can mirror your screen. Just follow the steps below to share your Xperia TM content with the TV:

  1. Press the Menubutton and select Settings
  2. Select Xperia TMand then select Screen mirroring
  3. Select Turn on Screen mirroringand press OK.
  4. Select the device you wish to connect to (in this case your TV). Your Xperia TM display will now be shared with your TV.

Connect via MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link)

You can connect your smartphone to your TV using a wired connection called MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link).

The MHL cable features a standard Micro USB connector at one end (for smartphone) and HDMI connector at the other end of the cable (for TV). As soon as the cable connects your smartphone with your TV, the image of your smartphone is being duplicated on your television.

If your TV is equipped with an MHL Connector, you can use the Sony cable DLC-MBxx.

If your TV is not equipped with an MHL Connector, you can use an HML Adapter and HDMI cable. This allows you to connect your smartphone to the adaptor using a Micro USB cable and connect your TVG to the adaptor using an HD cable.


  • When using an HML Adaptor, you will need to connect the adaptor to a power source using your Xperia TM charger


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