Picture Motion Browser Video tutorials

These video tutorials will help you install and use Picture Motion Browser. Click one of the below titles to watch the video.

Installation and settings

  • Installing Picture Motion Browser
  • Changing the country/area in Location Settings


  • Importing videos and photos to a computer
  • Changing the location for imported media files
  • Registering / Removing folders


  • Exporting videos and photos to memory card


  • Playing still images and videos as a slide show
  • Classifying videos and photos (Ratings, Labels and Comments)
  • Displaying on Map View
  • Viewing videos tracing the movement of your camera (Movie Tracer)


  • Inserting the date in a photo
  • Changing the date/time in a batch
  • Editing folders
  • Moving images between folders
  • Cropping a photo
  • Resizing a photo
  • Capturing photos from a video
  • Trimming videos
  • Combining videos
  • Converting the video format to MPEG-2
  • Converting the video format to WMV
  • Decorating videos and photos to upload to network media services (eDeco)
  • Opening with external programs

Adjustment functions for photos

  • Autocorrect
  • Brightness
  • Saturation
  • Tone Curve
  • Sharpness

Uploading videos and photos to network media services (blogs, photosharing services, etc.)

  • Registering Media Services
  • Uploading videos and photos to network media services
  • Uploading photos to Facebook™
  • Uploading videos to Facebook™
  • Uploading videos to YouTube™ (Registered Media Service)
  • Uploading videos to YouTube™ (Media Services menu)


  • Printing with the date

Sending by email

  • Sending by email

Creating a disc

  • Creating a data disc (CD/DVD)
  • Creating a DVD-Video disc
  • Creating an AVCHD™ disc
  • Creating a Blu-ray disc
  • Copying a DVD
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