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165 to 178 cm (65 to 70-inch) TVs

Explore our 165 to 178 cm (65 to 70-inch) LED TVs to discover a thrilling combination of technologies for superior picture and sound quality, paired with interactive features.

Futuristic design of Sony's 165 to 178 cm (65 to 70-inch) LED TVs

Ideal for home cinema

Just getting started with a home theatre system? Make our 165 cm (65-inch) TVs your first stop. With exciting features like 3D capability, surround sound and Live Football Mode, they’ll provide hours of interactive entertainment for your family and friends.

The next step in picture quality

With our 4K 165 cm (65-inch) LED TVs, you’ll see amazing picture quality, not pixels. The advanced processing technology enhances even the subtlest details, while textures take on new intensity. Warm lights behind the screen deliver brightness from corner to corner, making shadowy pockets disappear.

4K has four times more detail than full HD
Screen sharing with Sony's 165 cm (65-inch) TV

Connect in every dimension

Smart TVs are a smart idea. Connect with the world using our 165 cm (65-inch) TVs and enjoy everything from streaming tweets to sharing pictures with your nearest and dearest. Craving excitement? Grab your 3D glasses and get lost in in a new dimension of entertainment with images that leap from the screen.

Colours that pop

Open your eyes to the TRILUMINOS™ display on our 165 cm (65-inch) LED TVs and experience colours bursting with intensity. Images are enhanced by the power of X-tended Dynamic Range™, while X-Reality PRO™ improves contrast and texture, ensuring lifelike picture quality.

Clear picture on Sony's 165 cm (65-inch) LED TV
Great sound with 165 to 178 cm (65 to 70-inch) TVs from Sony

Innovative design, backed by big sound

Use the One-Flick Entertainment remote to browse movies, shows and surf the web with the press of a button. The unique wedge-shape of our 165 cm (65-inch) TVs provides stability while expanding speaker capacity for rich, full sound that fills the room.