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190 to 203 cm (75 to 80-inch) TVs

Discover the future of entertainment with our 190 to 203 cm (75 to 80-inch) LED TVs. Picture quality reaches new heights, and easy connectivity means the power of streaming media is just a click away.

One television, endless possibilities 

An enhanced viewing experience is standard with our 190 cm (75-inch) LED TVs. Stunning 4K graphics, lifelike audio and bold design come together, breathing new life into everything you see and hear. Exciting interactivity turns your living room into a state-of-the art entertainment centre.

Mounted 190 cm (75-inch) LED TV from Sony
Great sound on Sony's 190 to 203 cm (75 to 80-inch) TVs

Look, listen and experience

Movies, sports, games and more look amazing on the sweeping 4K screen of our 190 cm (75-inch) TVs, which enhances every image down to the finest details. A powerful speaker system surrounds you in lifelike sound for an immersive experience that brings the cinema to your living room.

Nothing will ever look the same

4K offers four times the detail of Full HD, delivering superb picture quality on our 190 cm (75-inch) LED TVs. With over 8 million pixels of texture and detail, everything you watch, from games to shows, takes on new clarity.

4K has four times more detail than full HD
Sony 190 cm (75-inch) TV with great features

Taking entertainment further

Give your Blu-ray™ discs, web content and TV shows the 3D treatment with our 190 cm (75-inch) TVs and experience a world of immersive entertainment. Surf the web, stream video. Interactive modes like Photo Share and Social Viewing let you share the excitement with friends and family.

Colour with intensity

Colours come alive with our 190 cm (75-inch) LED TVs. The TRILUMINOS™ display intensifies every hue for a rainbow of lifelike shades, from burning reds to grassy greens. 4K X-Reality PRO™ upscales everything to 4K quality and dark colours take on new depth thanks to X-tended Dynamic Range™.

Clear picture on Sony's 190 cm (75-inch) LED TV
Remote control for 190 to 203 cm (75 to 80-inch) TVs from Sony

Entertainment is just a flick away

Access your favourite shows, movies or web content in seconds with the One-Flick Entertainment remote on our 190 cm (75-inch) TVs, or just browse until you find something you can’t wait to watch. The unique wedge-design is slim enough to fit almost anywhere, but provides extra room for a powerful sound system.