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216 to 254 cm (85 to 100-inch) TVs

When you want incredible entertainment, look no further than our large screen TVs. With 4K resolution, surround sound and interactive features - they never fail to amaze.

Man watching on Sony's 216 cm (85-inch) TV

TV takes a starring role

With one of our 216 cm (85-inch) TVs in your living room, your home will fill up with friends and family eager to experience the look of a sweeping screen with 4K resolution. On game day, exciting features like Live Football Mode bring the action to you, and surround sound heightens the experience with powerful audio.

The big picture never looked so good

4K resolution, backed by advanced processing technology, offers 8 million pixels worth of stunning detail on our large screen TVs. Every image is refined with greater detail, lifelike texture and true-to-life clarity.

4K has four times more detail than full HD
Sony's large screen TV with screen sharing feature

The world is just a click away

With smart technology on our 216 cm (85-inch) TVs, you’ll never watch alone. Swap pics with friends using Photo Share, and check out your snapshots on the big screen. Skype with family while watching your favourite movie using Social Viewing, or turn on Live Football Mode to connect with others during the game.

Bright colours come to life

Bring out the best in every colour with the TRILUMINOS™ display on our 216 cm (85-inch) TVs. A rainbow of shades adds intensity and X-tended Dynamic Range™ gives depth to dark hues while bathing the screen in brightness. 4K X-Reality PRO™ upgrades everything closer to 4K quality, improving whatever you watch.

Vibrant colours on Sony's 216 to 254 cm (85 to 100-inch) TVs
Remote control for 216 cm (85-inch) large screen TV from Sony

Control your media with a flick

Flick through movies, videos and photos on our big screen TVs using the One-Flick Entertainment Remote, or jump into the action with Quick Start. The stabilising wedge-design provides extra room for an advanced audio system, surrounding you in lifelike sound.