Images of CP-CADM2 In-Car USB Charger with 2 ports
Images of CP-CADM2 In-Car USB Charger with 2 ports
CP-CADM2 In-Car USB Charger with 2 ports in action


4.8A output with 2 ports for fast charging

Charge your devices 5-times faster than with a conventional car charger.

Charge 2 devices simultaneously

The charger is equipped with 2 ports to charge 2 devices at the same time.

Built-in high safety functions

Overcharge current protection, short-circuit protection and temperature monitoring functions, all built-in.

Compatible with your USB devices

You can charge not only smartphones, but also tablets, cameras and other USB-equipped devices.

Keep smartphones, cameras, tablets and other USB devices charged on the road with the CP-CADM2 in-car USB charger. Dual 2.4A outputs (4.8A total) offers fast charging for 2 simultaneous devices up to 5-times quicker than conventional car chargers. In-built safety features also mean worry-free usage on the road.
  • 4.8A total output for fast charging up to 5-times faster than conventional car chargers

  • Dual USB powers enable simultaneous charging of 2 devices

  • Built-in safety features including overcharge and short-circuit protection

  • Charges smartphones, tablets, cameras and other USB devices

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