Get up to €100 in Google Play Vouchers

Get up to €100 in Google Play Vouchers when you buy any 2021 Sony Google TV™

To celebrate the launch of Google TV, Sony will be offering up to €100 of Google Play Vouchers with each applicable model. Simply purchase and register any 2021 Sony Google TV within the promotional period, to receive your Google Play vouchers. Receive a €50 voucher when you purchase a 2021 Sony Google TV up to 55” or a €100 voucher on TV’s 65” and above.

With over 700,000 Movies and TV shows available on the Google Play Store, you’re sure to find the entertainment you love.

This promotion is available on all 2021 Sony Google TVs from 1st March, until 30th June, 2021.

How does it work?

1. Purchase a participating Sony BRAVIA TV within the promotional period 
(1st March to 30th June, 2021)
2. Register the product using the Product Registration app on the TVs home screen
3. Receive a registration confirmation email, then, within 24hrs, receive an email which includes the Google Play vouchers code and information regarding the promotion. Select “Redeem Offer”
4. Enter the voucher code at
5. Enjoy purchasing your content from the Google Play TV Store

Terms and conditions

1. Register an eligible BRAVIA TV with Google TV operating system (as listed below) (“Eligible TV”) on the Sony Bonus Offer app on the Eligible TV to receive a free Google Play voucher. Voucher value depends on screen size: a £50 voucher is available for models up to 55" and £100 voucher is available for models 65" and above in the UK and a €50 voucher is available for models up to 55" and €100 voucher is available for models 65" and above in Ireland.
2. Offer available 26 April 2021 to 30th June 2021. Registration deadline 30th June 2021.
3. Offer available to residents of UK and Ireland aged 18 or over.
4. Instructions on how to redeem the Google Play voucher will be sent to the email address provided when registering an Eligible TV.
5. To redeem a Google Play voucher, you will need access to the Internet and you will need to have or create a Google Payments account for the UK or Ireland – for full terms visit for the UK and for Ireland.
6. The Offer can only be claimed and activated once in respect of any single Eligible TV.
7. No cash or other alternatives available. Google Play vouchers are not exchangeable, they have no refund value and are not for resale.
8. Sony reserves the right to reject claims where it has reason to believe a claim is fraudulent or does not comply with these terms.
9. Promoter: Sony Europe B.V.

Eligible TVs

55” and below:
KD-43X80J KD-43X81J KD-43X89J KD-43X85J KD-50X80J KD-50X81J KD-50X89J KD-50X85J XR-50X90J XR-50X94J KD-55X80J KD-55X81J KD-55X89J KD-55X85J XR-55A80J XR-55A84J XR-55A90J XR-55X90J XR-55X94J

65” models:
KD-65X80J KD-65X81J KD-65X85J KD-65X89J XR-65A80J XR-65A84J XR-65A90J XR-65X90J XR-65X94J KD-75X81J KD-75X85J KD-75X89J XR-75X90J XR-75X94J XR-75X95J XR-75Z9J XR-77A80J XR-77A84J XR-83A90J KD-85X85J XR-85X95J XR-85Z9J