Mobile World Congress 2016

Dive into the excitement of MWC 2016. Explore our latest products and see how we’re pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology to create memorable entertainment experiences.

Innovating tomorrow, today

The smartphones of the future

Innovation is an exciting thing. That’s why we choose to push our technology to its limits. At MWC 2016 we’re introducing our newest range of Xperia smartphones, each designed to bring you closer to the experiences that matter. Take a look and find your perfect match.

Capture without blur

The smartphone camera with advanced movement and colour capture. So, with the new Xperia™ XZ, life looks as beautiful as it is.

A perfect fit

Designed to fit your hand. Destined to capture your life.

The Xperia XA is a match for life. Bringing together a stunning full-width display, a smooth, curved form and an ideal not-too-big, not-too-small size. All in a choice of contemporary colours.

Be inspired by the world around you

It’s easier than ever before to connect with the world. But connecting shouldn’t just be about convenience – it should open up real possibilities, inspire us to do more creatively, and enrich our lives. That’s why we’re creating ever more personal and intelligent products that allow you to spend more time exploring and sharing with those around you.

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More than meets the ear

A smart new way of communicating with the world

Xperia Ear is a unique Bluetooth earbud that lets you take a call, send and receive messages, check your schedule and more. All without picking up your phone.

Smart, even behind the wheel

Designed to fit seamlessly as an extension of your car’s interface, our new smartphone remote lets you take control of everything from calls and texts to music and navigation, just by saying the word.

The home of great sound

We know the importance of superior audio. Just like we know that it’s the little things that make the biggest differences – things like portability, clarity and connectivity. Our h.ear range is available in vibrant new shades, so you can choose the look that suits you. And with a minimalist design vision, our products look as great as they sound.