Sony BRAVIA® XG95 TV – on top
of the game

Sony BRAVIA® XG95 Full Array LED TV
Top Features

Big screen, dynamic sporting entertainment

See every bit of the action in 4K HDR.  Designed for spectacular big screen viewing, Sony BRAVIA® draws you in for a truly immersive experience.

Image credit: Mine Kasapoglu

Bright and clear, even at record-breaking speeds

On some screens, sports can be a bit of a blur, but our X-Motion ClarityTM technology keeps fast-paced scenes smooth and clear. Whether it be the final hairpin turn before the chequered flag or the match winning shot at goal from 30 yards, brightness and detail is retained in each sporting moment, so you won’t miss a thing.


Going for gold from every angle

See vivid, real-world colours - even from the sides - on this wide angle TV. Our X-Wide Angle technology presents the stunning shades and hues of the TRILUMINOSTM Display, to be enjoyed from wherever you are in the room.

Award-winning 4K LED TV – made for champions

Your ticket to ultimate realism

The Picture Processor X1 UltimateTM is our most powerful yet, detecting hundreds of objects on screen, intelligently enhancing the brightness, detail and colour. The result is an incredibly realistic, front-row view of the event.

X1 Ultimate
X1 Ultimate


Sports on our XG95 Full Array LED TV with local dimming 

Many LED TVs are ‘Edge-lit’, meaning the light source comes from a strip of LEDs at the bottom or on either side of the panel. Whilst this is good for making slim, affordable TVs, it’s not great at capturing iconic sporting moments; bright areas aren’t as bright and black areas can appear grey or blueish.

Sports scenes can suffer on ‘Direct-lit’ TVs too. Instead of the strip of LEDs being positioned at the edge, it is placed directly behind the panel to send light through the screen. Your favourite sports may appear brighter but you may also face distracting halos of light around bright objects on dark backgrounds, less accurate colour in those dark areas, and the TV will be thicker.

Full Array LED
Full Array LED


Full Array LED with local dimming displays sports how they are meant to be seen. With LEDs placed across the whole screen and each zone controlled in real-time, the picture always has more accurate blacks and peaks of brightness, so those iconic sporting moments appear realistic and vivid as all the action unfolds in front of your eyes.

*Simulated images.

See it. Hear it. Live it.

Be immersed in every victory with true-to-life pictures and the acoustics to match. Beautifully detailed 4K images synchronise with our Sound-from-Picture RealityTM for an audio-visual performance as unforgettable as the athletic prowess on-screen.

Image and sound precisely align to form the winning team

Acoustic Multi-AudioTM technology adds two sound positioning tweeters to the existing full range speakers to create our Sound-from-Picture RealityTM. This synchronisation of sound and picture delivers a more immersive viewing experience; whether it be in your home team’s stadium or by the finish line at the race track, Acoustic Multi-AudioTM transports you to the heart of the action.

Soak up the atmosphere

In Audio Sport Mode, the ambience of the arena is captured and brought to life in your living room.

Built for success

With its clean, minimalist design, the XG95 keeps you focused on what’s important – the game.


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