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It takes a long time to acquire the location information

    Follow these steps to troubleshoot the GPS signal.

    1. Make sure the GPS function is turned on; the GPS indicator should display in the camera LCD screen.
    2. If the GPS indicator indicates there is a weak signal or no signal at all, try using the camera in an open area.

      IMPORTANT: GPS is a system used for determining geographic position by triangulating radio signals from GPS satellites. Using the camera inside buildings, tunnels, or other areas that have overhead obstructions can interfere with the GPS signal.


      • Since the positions of GPS satellites vary constantly, depending on the position and time you use the camera, it may take longer to determine the location or the receiver may not be able to determine the position at all.
      • If you are using the HDR-AZ1VR, HDR-AZ1VB, or HDR-AZ1VW, the GPS function is on the supplied Live-View Remote (RM-LVR2V) and not the camera. The GPS signal is displayed on the LCD screen of the remote control.

    3. If the location information is still not being received, turn the GPS feature off and on again.
    4. Make sure the time and date are set properly on the camera.
    5. Update the GPS assist data using the PlayMemories Home software or the Action Cam Movie Creator.


    • GPS assist data is valid for 30 days only, so it may be necessary to update it. Also update the GPS assist data if the camera is moved a long distance.
    • The GPS assist data does not shorten the acquisition time.