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Picture Motion Browser (PMB) unexpectedly stopped working and needs to close

    If you are experiencing Picture Motion Browser (PMB) unexpectedly stopped working, or closed by itself, it is possible that there are incompatible or corrupted files on your computer that are causing this to happen.

    NOTE: Examples of some incompatible file formats are: .png, .pif, .pdf.

    Picture Motion Browser scans and index all media files in the default registered destination folder (usually My Pictures) on your computer. Make sure the folder(s) registered only contain picture and video files that are in compatible formats in order to avoid any software malfunction.

    Remove any incompatible or corrupted files, and restore the software to the initial settings: 

    1. On the computer desktop, click the Start button.
    2. In the Start menu, point to Programs.
    3. Point to Sony Picture Utility
    4. Point to Tools.
    5. Click Settings Initialization Tool.
    6. In the PMB Settings Initialization Tool window, click to select Restore the program to its default settings.
    7. Click the Start button.
    8. Click the Yes button to restore the program to its default settings.
    9. Click the OK button.
    10. Start the PMB software.

    If the issue is resolved, no further troubleshooting is required. However, continue with the steps below if the issue reoccurs.

    1. Start PMB Launcher.
    2. In the PMB Launcher window, click PMB Settings Initialization Tool.
    3. In the PMB Settings Initialization Tool window, click to select Restore the program to its default settings.
    4. Click the Start button.
    5. In the PMB Settings Initialization Tool dialog box, click the Yes button.
    6. Click the OK button.
    7. Close the PMB Launcher window.
    8. Start PMB.
    9. In the PMB Initial Settings window, click to select Use custom settings.
    10. Click the Next button.
    11. Next to the registered folders that are showing, click to remove the check marks from the box of each folder.
    12. Click the Next button 4 times.
    13. Click the Finish button.
    14. In the PMB window, click File.
    15. In the File menu, click Register folders.
    16. In the Settings window, in the Register folders section, click to select a folder that contains pictures or video.
    17. Click the Apply button.

      Repeat steps 16 and 17 until the error reappears. The error will appear when trying to register a folder that contains corrupt or erroneous files.

    18. After you have identified the folder causing the error, close the PMB software.
    19. Do one of the following:

      • Browse to the folder you tried to register and move its contents to a different location that will not be accessed by PMB.
      • Create a new folder containing only the video and pictures you want PMB to access.

    20. Start the PMB software.
    21. Repeat steps 14-17.