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What is the recommended viewing location or position for viewing 3D contents?

    The following recommendations are provided for optimum viewing of 3D content:

    • Sit directly in front of the television screen at a distance of about three times the height of the television screen.
    • Face the television screen so that the 3D glasses are as close to level with the screen as possible. Viewing the television screen while tilting your head may result in a double image.

    The following is a diagram that displays the viewing range of both a Sony TV with a built-in 3D transmitter and a 3D-Ready TV with an optional transmitter.

    3D Sync Transmitter and 3D glasses communication range
    Attach the 3D Sync Transmitter in front of the TV and ensure that there are no obstacles between the 3D Sync Transmitter and the 3D glasses.

     Overhead view

     Side view

      Viewing Angle
     3D Transmitter TV with a built-in transmitter
    The transmitter is located at the bottom right corner of the TV. Make sure there are no obstacles between the transmitter and the 3D glasses.