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What is Wi-Fi Direct mode and what's required to use it?

    It is a convenient way when family and friends come over to share their favourite music, video, or latest pictures through your home wireless network. The advantage of connecting by Wi-Fi Direct allows you to leave your network untouched, without unnecessary data traffic or opening access to other devices on your local network. The Wi-Fi Direct mode provides direct wireless connectivity with compatible devices without having to use the access point of a wireless network router. Devices that are Wi-Fi Direct compatible can send pictures or music wirelessly directly to the TV. The feature allows you to have up to 5 users registered at once, sharing or throwing media onto the TV.

    To get started using this, you need the following:

    • A Wi-Fi Direct compliant Android device or Apple mobile digital device that is connected wirelessly to the TV.
    • A Wi-Fi Direct capable BRAVIA TV.

      NOTE: Some models require the UWABR100 USB Wireless LAN Adapter to be connected to the TV and a software update to enable this feature. For model-specific information refer to the operating instructions supplied with the product.

    • A DLNA controller application (App) downloaded and installed on the device. The App plays or pushes the content stored on the device to the TV.

    Once you have all of the requirements listed above, follow the additional information to set-up the Wi-fi Direct feature .

    NOTE: Select models produced after January of 2012 include a Standby setting for Wi-Fi Direct that will allow you to pair your already registered devices without re-launching Wi-Fi Direct mode. See the i-manual on the TV for further details.