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Error code 5007 appears when using Internet Video products

    Try to solve this error by following the steps below.

    Each of these steps represent a possible solution to this issue. Check to see if the problem is solved after completing each step.

    1. Check the internet connection  by viewing the Network Status option in the menu.
    2. Make sure that the latest system software (firmware) update has been installed to your TV. You can update the software of your TV directly via the Internet or manually via USB stick  if software upgrade via Internet fails.
    3. Perform a Refresh Internet Content by pressing Home button from the supplied remote control and selecting Settings > Network > Refresh Internet Content
    4. Perform a factory reset . WARNING: This procedure restores the calibration settings of video in the TV. If you paid to have your television screen specially calibrated, you can try first a  power reset. Otherwise, the settings from the special calibration will be lost. NOTE: It may be necessary to perform reset multiple times.
    5. Refer to the additional solution for information regarding Primary DNS on the Sony product .