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Can I write back images from the recording media such as external hard disk drives to the camcorder?

    After importing AVCHD, MP4 and XAVC S movies which are copied on external recording media such as an external hard disk drive or on your computer, you can write the movies back to the camcorder using the PlayMemories Home software.

    Directly writing back the movies from external hard disk drive to the camcorder via USB cable is not possible. Computer and PlayMemories Home software must be used.


    • If PlayMemories Home is not installed on your computer, download it from the following web page.
        PlayMemories Home Support
    • Camcorder
    • USB cable supplied with the camcorder
      NOTE: Some Handycams are equipped with the USB cable (built-in USB cable) on the grip belt portion.
    • External hard disk drive containing images

    Operation procedure

    1. Connect the external hard disk drive and the computer with the USB cable. 
    2. Import images to the computer using PlayMemories Home. 
    3. Connect the camcorder and the computer with the USB cable.
    4. Write high-definition image quality (AVCHD format) movies on the Handycam using PlayMemories Home. 

    NOTE: STD (standard) image quality movies and photos can be written on a memory card. You can play back images in the memory card on the camcorder by inserting the memory card in the camcorder. However, movies and photos recorded with other camcorders may not play back properly.