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How to find free/paid PlayMemories Camera Apps that can be downloaded in your country

In what countries or regions are the PlayMemories Camera Apps available?

    The available applications are depending on your country or region and the camera you are using.

    Follow the steps below to find applications:

    1. Open the PlayMemories Camera Apps website.
    2. Click on the upper right corner of the page to Select Country/Region.


    3. Select the Country/Region.


      • The PlayMemories Camera Apps cannot be downloaded and installed from countries and regions other than those listed on the page.


    4. Click ALL All Applications Image in SELECT and select your camera.


    5. All the free and paid applications which can be downloaded to your camera will be displayed.


    NOTE: For further information about downloading and installing applications from PlayMemories Camera Apps, refer to: How to download and install applications from PlayMemories Camera Apps .