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The camera does not power on.

    Follow this procedure to troubleshoot if the power will not turn on.

    NOTE: If model-specific information is required to complete any of the steps in this solution, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the product.

    1. Make sure the battery you are using is charged; attempt to recharge the battery if necessary.


      • The charging indicator may flash if the battery has not been charged for a long time or if it is new, right out of the box. In this case, temporarily remove the battery and then try charging it again.

      • If the charging indicator does not light up or blink while charging, make sure the metal contacts are free of any foreign material that may prevent charging. Use a dry cloth to wipe away any dust or other material on the battery terminals.

      NOTE: Batteries discharge more quickly when used in cold weather conditions. Cameras are designed to be used in temperatures between 0 – 40°C, and may not operate when used outside this range.

      • When using the camera in a cold environment, condensation may occur when the camera is then moved to a warmer environment, preventing the camera from operating normally. If you have used your camera in the cold, wait a few hours in room temperature until the condensation has gone.

    2. Make sure the battery is properly inserted in the camera.
    3. Attempt to turn on the camera.
    4. If the issue is not resolved and you have the optional AC power adapter, try connecting it to the camera and a working electrical outlet.
    5. Attempt to turn on the camera.
    6. Try using a small can of compressed air to clean the battery terminals if the issue is not resolved.


    • If the message "Error: Camera Error" is displayed on the screen, a malfunction may have occurred in your camera, and the camera may need to be repaired.

    • If your camera does not turn on after a software update, try performing the software update again. System trouble may have occurred during updating.
      NOTE: Please refer to the download site of the camera's software.

    • If you are using Mac OS X Version 10.10 or later, run "Driver Loader," an application which prepares software for updating, before updating the software.

    If the issue is still unresolved, the product may need to be repaired.
    Please contact us for further assistance.