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Built-in flash does not function

    If the built-in flash does not function, then the camera flash may be turned off or it is set to Auto and will only flash when taking pictures in poorly-lit environments. To turn on the flash so it works regardless of lighting, press the flash button on the camera (or touch-screen LCD, if equipped) until the forced flash (aka fill-flash) icon appears on the LCD screen. The flash button has a lightning bolt symbol on it or next to it similar to the image below; it may be part of the control dial if your camera has one.


    IMPORTANT: If the flash is already set to On and it is still not working, then the issue may be due to another camera setting. Even if the flash setting is On, the flash will still not work in the following circumstances:

    • When shooting  movies
    • When shooting in the Twilight, Handheld Twilight or Anti-Motion-Blur mode
    • When using the Multi Frame Noise Reduction
    • When shooting in the Sunset scene-mode (depending on the model)
    • If shooting with the Burst or Multi Burst mode
    • Shooting with Sweep Panorama
    • Shooting with the Fireworks or High Sensitivity mode
    • If an external flash is connected

    NOTE: The settings listed above are not available on all Sony cameras. For model-specific information about your camera, refer to the instruction manual.

    The information above should resolve your issue. However, if the issue still persists you can try resetting/initialising the camera.

    Otherwise, service may be required.