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The GPS does not seem to work (camcorder)

    Make sure the GPS feature is turned on and the date and time of your camera are properly set.

    Use your camera in an open area outside, preferably without tall buildings and tress, and turn on your camera again. It may take several tens of seconds to several minutes to acquire the location information. You can shorten the positioning time by using GPS assist data. To do so, you need to connect your camera to your computer using the software that was delivered with your camera. For more information, refer to the instruction manual of your camera.

    Check the GPS indicator on your camera.

    GPS indicators

    GPS reception status

    No indicator

    GPS is set to off. Turn it on by pressing the menu button/GPS settings/GPS on/off, and select "on".

    GPS no record

    Your camera cannot record the location information. Use your camera in an open area.

    GPS calculating

    Calculating the location information. Wait until the location information is recordable.

    GPS record

    The current location information is recordable.

    gps error

    There is a problem with the GPS feature. Turn the camera off and on.

    If the camera still does not show the GPS recording icon, reset the camera using the respective option. To determine whether or not your camera has a RESET button or Initialize option refer to the operating instructions supplied with the product. The camera can be reset by using one of the following options.

    1. Using the Initialize option in the menu

    2. Using the RESET button on the camera

    camcorder reset

    3. Performing a manual power reset

    1. Turn off the camera.

    2. Remove the battery pack.

    3. Remove the button-sized lithium battery.

    4. Allow the camera to remain without power for 30s

    5. Reinsert the button-sized lithium battery.

    6. Reinsert the battery pack.

    7. Turn on the camera.

    This will ensure that the camcorder is not wrongly configured.
    Note: Make sure the GPS is set to on. Press the Menu button, then go to GPS settings and set the GPS to on.

    Go to an open area outside, without tall buildings and tress. Turn the camcorder on and wait for several minutes until the GPS indicator appears: GPS indicator

    If the camera is still not able to receive GPS information your device is probably out of order and a repair may be necessary.