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Malfunction of touchpad & touchscreen when Hyper-V enabled.

    Touchpad and Touchscreen will malfunction if Hyper-V option is enabled in BIOS and unit resumes from sleep.

    This is due to the fact that Hyper-V function is not supported when used in conjuction with the Windows 8 Connected Standby feature.

    To avoid the issue, when Hyper-V is used, please change the power settings in the following way:

    1. Press the Windows logo key, and type "Power Options".
    2. Click "Power Options" icon in the search results.
    3. Click on "Change when the computer sleeps"
    4. Under "Put the computer to sleep" select "Never" when "On Battery" and "Plugged In". Click Save.
    5. Click "Choose what the power button does"
    6. Under "When I press the power button" select "Do Nothing" for both "On battery" and "Plugged In"