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Can I shorten the GPS triangulating time?

    GPS assist data can shorten the time to acquire the location information.

    About GPS assist data

    When you connect your camera to a computer with PlayMemories Home software installed, the GPS assist data on your camera is updated via the computer automatically. By updating GPS assist data, the GPS triangulating time can be shortened.

    When you connect your camera to the computer, the GPS assist data will be updated message is displayed at the bottom right of the desktop, and updating starts automatically. By double-clicking the message, you can check the details of the data.

    You can also update the GPS assist data by clicking the GPS Support Tool button that appears when you connect your camera to the computer.

    NOTE: If your camera has not been connected to the computer for about a month or longer, the GPS triangulating time may not be shortened because the GPS assist data has not been updated.

    If GPS assist data has already been updated, but it still takes long time for GPS to acquire location information or GPS fails to obtain the data on the current location, check the following.

    Check if the GPS Log is set to ON.

    The location information is not acquired when the GPS reception status on the Display Panel of the camera displays the Searching/Difficult icon.

    Your camera can acquire a GPS signal and location information when the Triangulating icon is displayed.


    • Even when the camera acquires information from satellites, GPS triangulation may take time or fail depending on the time or place.
    • Do not cover the GPS sensor with your finger when searching for GPS satellites or acquiring information. This decreases the sensitivity of the GPS sensor and may cause the triangulation to fail.
    • You may not be able to record location information in places where radio signals are blocked or reflected, such as indoor locations, under the shade of buildings, or near high voltage cables. Perform GPS triangulation in environments with a clear view of the sky.