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What does it mean when an "OFF-AIR" message appears on the display?

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This message means that the selected station or service is currently not broadcasting.

    You can press [TUNE + or -] to tune to another station.

If  the "OFF-AIR" message appears continuously, please run the DAB auto tune manually following next steps.

1. Hold down [RADIO DAB/FM-SCAN] button until "INITIAL" and "SCAN?" appears alternately on the display.
2.  Press ENTER.

3. Scanning will start.


Depending on the DAB/DAB+ services available in your area, the scanning may take a few minutes.
When scanning is complete, a list of available services is created.

Notes: The currently stored list of available services will be cleared once the DAB auto tune process has started.
If your country or region does not support DAB/BAB+ broadcasts, "NO SIGNAL" appears on the display.