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No sound from TV and the wireless subwoofer when the transceiver is inserted while the TV is off.

    This solution is designed to assist when using the SWF-BR100 wireless subwoofer with a compatible Sony® TV.

    IMPORTANT: This is a model-specific solution, view the Applicable Products and Categories for this article to verify that these specifications apply to your model.

    Prior to following the steps below, make sure that the TV has the latest system software update. You can  update the software of your TV directly via the Internet or manually if the TV is not connected to the Internet.

    1. Using the supplied remote press the HOME button.
    2. Select Settings.
    3. Select Sound.
    4. Select Headphone/Audio Out.
    5. Select Subwoofer.
    6. Once the selection is made, press the HOME button to exit the menu and resume normal operation.