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When using a Sony brand external flash (HVL-F43M/F60M/F43AM/F58AM/F56AM), the flash range display will not change, even if I change the ISO sensitivity

    Check the displayable distance capacity on the instruction manual for the flash.

    If the flash range exceeds a certain range, an arrow appears on the display screen to indicate that the flash range is exceeding the limit. The arrow will appear on the right side for the long distance display limit or on the left side for the short distance display limit.

    HVL-F58 Flash range limit

    Also, the distance display may not indicate the correct value if the ISO sensitivity is over 102400 and either of the settings below are applied. In that case, consider the values as a reference.

    • The aperture value is F20 or more
    • High speed synchronization is on
    • Set to manual flash mode
    • Flash compensation is set to other than ±0
    • A wide panel is attached