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How do I best take care of my Cyber-shot?

    To make your Cyber-shot camera last longer, regular cleaning should be done. Take proper care of your camera, and keep it away from dirt, dust, marks or fingerprints.

    What you need to clean your camera

    1. Blower:
      Used to remove dust and debris from the body and from inside the camera.
    2. Cleaning cloth:
      Used for wiping the camera and lens clean. It is recommend to use a chemical fiber cloth, which can be used repeatedly by washing. It can easily remove grease marks that can get on the LCD screen.

    Follow the steps below to remove dirt, dust, marks or fingerprints on the camera

    1. Blow dust off the camera using a blower.
    2. Open the lens cover.
      There are two ways in making the lens visible on Cyber-shot cameras. Either turn the camera on and switch to shooting mode, or slide the lens cover open.

    3. With the lens cover open, blow dust off the lens and then wipe the lens softly.

    4. Turn off the camera and make sure the lens cover is closed, and then wipe the entire camera with the cloth.


    IMPORTANT: Remove the battery in the camera if it will not be used for a long period of time.


    Leaving the camera without charging for about a month will clear the Date/Time setup. Setting up the Date/Time again will allow you to use the camera again.