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How to use Sony | Music Center (SongPal) with an older version of Android OS?

    The latest version of Sony | Music Center (SongPal) (Ver. 2.0 or later) is only compatible with Android OS Ver. 4.0.3 or later. If you are running an older version of Android OS, you can install Sony | Music Center (SongPal) Ver. 1.2 by performing the procedures below:

    NOTE: To find out which Android OS version you have installed on your phone, go to [About phone] in the settings of your smartphone (this may differ, depending on your smartphone).

    1. Access the following URL with your smartphone:

    2. Tap the download button.
    The download of the Sony | Music Center (SongPal) file will be initiated, and the download icon is displayed in the status bar.

    3. Slide down the status bar to display the notification area.
    This is where the downloaded Sony | Music Center (SongPal) file is shown.

    4. Tap on the downloaded Sony | Music Center (SongPal) file.
    If installation of apps from unknown sources is not allowed, the warning screen is displayed. In this case, follow the steps below.
    If the warning screen is not displayed, the installation will begin.

    • Tap [Settings] in the warning screen.
      The [Security] screen is then displayed.
    • Tick the [Unknown sources] checkbox to allow installation of apps coming from other sources than the marketplace.
    • Tap on the downloaded Sony | Music Center (SongPal) file again.
      The warning screen will no longer be displayed and the installation of the Sony | Music Center (SongPal) app can start.

    NOTE: If you cannot find the location of the downloaded Sony | Music Center (SongPal) file, try searching for the file with the use of a file manager application.