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How do I prevent pictures from being out of focus?

    Basic Techniques For Better Images.

    Successfully focusing on a subject

    When pressing the shutter button halfway down, the camera adjusts the focus automatically (Auto Focus).
    NOTE: Only press the shutter button halfway down for the Auto Focus to register.

    Do not fully press the shutter button straight away. Press the shutter button halfway down. AE/A lock indicator is flashing and beeps Then press the shutter button fully down.
     Do not press the shutter  Press the shutter half-ways  AE/A lock indicator  Press the shutter

    When you try to shoot a subject that is difficult to focus on, the AE/AF lock indicator changes from flashing rapidly to a more slow pace. In addition, the AE locked beep does not make a sound.

    The Auto Focus function may have difficulty working under the following conditions. In such cases, release the shutter button, recompose the shot and focus again.

    • The subject is distant from the camera and in a dark surrounding.
    • The contrast between the subject and the background is poor.
    • The subject is seen through glass, such as a window.
    • A fast-moving subject.
    • The subject reflects or has a lustrous finish, such as a mirror or a luminous body.
    • A flashing subject.
    • A backlit subject.

    Hints for preventing blur

    The two most common reasons for pictures being out of focus are referred to as camera shake or subject blur.

    Camera Shake
    If the camera accidentally moved when taking the picture it can result in blurry images. This typically happens if the picture is taken in a low-light situation.
    If this is the case, it is recommended to use a tripod or placing the camera on a flat surface, to hold the camera steady.

     Camera shake before  Arrow  Camera shake after


    Subject blur
    Even though the camera is steady, the subject moved during the exposure so the subject looks blurred when the shutter button is pressed.
    Select a higher ISO sensitivity to make the shutter speed faster , and press the shutter button before the subject moves.

    Subject blur before  Arrow Subject blur after 

    NOTE: Camera shake and subject blur occur frequently under low-light or slow shutter speed conditions, such as those encountered in Twilight mode or Twilight Portrait mode. In that case, shoot with the above tips in mind.