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Why can't I import images recorded on my memory card to PlayMemories Home™?


    Applicable for the following products:
    - PlayMemories Home™ (Lite edition) Ver.1.*.**
    - PlayMemories Home™ Ver.1.*.**
    - PlayMemories Home™ Ver.2.*.**

    If this is the first time you are importing images to PlayMemories Home™, it is necessary to add features to PlayMemories Home™ before importing the images.

    Instructions to add functions:

    1. Start PlayMemories Home software. Turn on the camera and connect the USB cable.
    2. "Add Features to PlayMemories Home" window is displayed.
      Select OK. The features will be added to PlayMemories Home and the images recorded in the camera can be imported or browsed.

    NOTE: If the camera is not recognized by the computer when the USB cables is connected or if the images recorded in the memory card cannot be imported, check the following.

    • Check the USB connection setup in the camera. Make sure it is set to Auto or Mass Storage.
    • Also check the LUN Settings settings if you are using a Cyber-shot or check the Change media settings if you are using a Camcorder. Settings differ depending on the model.

    Details at Importing videos and photos to a computer