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Can I download some of my favourite apps, found on my smartphone, on my TV as well?

    While they share a lot of similarities, the Android operating system used on the majority of mobile devices (such as smartphones or tablets) and the Android TV operating system are different.

    As such, the applications you are using on your mobile device are not all guaranteed to be compatible with Sony's Android TV, and vice versa. For this reason only the compatible applications will be available for searching and installation from the Google Play Store.

    NOTE: The Android TV platform is quite new and, as a result of this, the number of apps deemed Android TV compatible by Google is currently limited. We expect the number of Android TV compatible apps to increase over time. In the meantime, if you wish to use apps available on your smartphone but which are not yet available on Sony's Android TV, please try one of the workarounds below:

    • Use Google Cast  with a number of cast-compatible apps, including those that don't have native Android TV support yet, from your mobile device to your TV screen
    • Use Screen Mirroring to mirror the content displayed on your mobile device to the TV screen

    If one of your favourite apps is not available in the Google Play Store, consider contacting the app developer directly to share your idea. By bringing this to their attention, they may consider developing a compatible version for Sony's Android TVs as well.