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What is the difference between the GPS settings (On/Battery Saving/Off)?

    Depending on the setting, the moment when GPS positioning/reception starts will differ.

    If you want to retain GPS information as soon as you turn the Smart B-Trainer on, select "On". If you want to conserve battery usage, we recommend using "Battery Saving" mode.

    • [On]: Receiving satellite = GPS + Michibiki + GLONASS, GPS positioning starts when the power is turned on
    • [Battery Saving]: Receiving satellite = GPS + Michibiki, GPS positioning starts when training begins
    • [Off]: Receiving satellite = None (Appropriate for indoor training such as when using a treadmill)

    NOTE: If Battery Saving mode is used, as GPS positioning starts when you begin training, your running route will not display until a satellite signal is received. However, other measurement items besides the running route will be recorded once you start training.