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I want to play back all the songs on my device while training.

    The Smart B-Trainer is design with the functionality to automatically select the songs it plays according to your heart rate and training plan. However, if you wish to play back all the songs on your device while training, proceed as follows:

    1. Make sure you are running the latest version of the B-Trainer for Running app (you must be using version 1.1.00 or later)
    2. When choosing a training plan, press the Settings button

      Music tempo setting
    3. Select "Music tempo setting" > "Shuffle all music" when choosing a training plan.
      In order to play back all songs transferred to the sport device while training, select "Tempo Settings" > "No specification (Play all songs)" on the app when choosing a training plan, and then select "Transfer Training" to transfer the training menu to the sport device.

      Shuffle all music


    • The songs that can be played back are songs in which song information is retrieved in the app and songs for which SencMe has been analysed in Media Go.
    • "Music tempo setting" cannot be set for premium training menus and some basic training menus (Pace / Efficient fat-burning / Endurance building).