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Can an emoticon (smiley) be used as the device name for Sony's Android TV

    To be able to add a pictograph (smiley) on the Device name of the Android TV, use Video & TV SideView, Android TV Remote Control or another mobile application to enter a pictograph (smiley) into your TV settings.

    Follow the steps below to add a pictograph (smiley) the Device name of your TV:


    • You cannot enter the pictographs (smiley) on the software keyboard of the TV.
    • You can only use pictographs (smiley) that Android OS supports.
    1. Launch the virtual remote app.
    2. Press the HOME button.
    3. Select Settings.
    4. Select About in the TV category.
    5. Select Device name.
    6. Select CHANGE.
    7. Select +Enter Customised Name or Enter Customised Name.
    8. Key in the device name with the emoticon or smiley that you prefer to use.