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Termination of Bookmark function on certain TVs

    The "Bookmark" function will be terminated on Sony televisions on 27th October 2015.

    The Bookmark function enables you to save your favourite TV programmes*, videos or music to be browsed at a later date. This option can be found on certain network functions such as in the TrackID and Related Search.

    * NOTE: The 'Bookmark' function for TV programmes is available only in the following countries and for certain 2012 TV models:

    List of countries: Czech republic, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Finland and Sweden.

    List of affected models:

     2011 Bravia TV models  2012 Bravia TV models
     KDL-22EX32*  KDL-22EX55*
     KDL-24EX32*  KDL-26EX55*
     KDL-26EX32*  KDL-32EX65*
     KDL-32CX52*  KDL-32HX75*
     KDL-32EX42*  KDL-40EX65*
     KDL-32EX52*  KDL-40HX75*
     KDL-32EX72*  KDL-40HX85*
     KDL-37EX52*  KDL-46EX65*
     KDL-37EX72*  KDL-46HX75*
     KDL-40CX52*  KDL-46HX85*
     KDL-40EX52*  KDL-55HX75*
     KDL-40EX72*  KDL-55HX85*
     KDL-40HX72*  KDL-55HX95*
     KDL-40NX72*  KDL-65HX95*
     KDL-46CX52*  KD-84X9005