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Adjusting your TV’s movable stand

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You can adjust the feet beneath your TV to switch between a wide or narrow stand, depending on the width of your surface. Below you will find the dimensions available depending on the model you own.

android X93-X94 stand dimensions (wide)

android X93-X94 stand dimensions (narrow)
KD-75X9405C | Approx. 191.0 cm (wide) KD-75X9405C | Approx. 70.7 cm (narrow)
KD-65X9005C | Approx. 144.9 cm (wide) KD-65X9005C | Approx. 57.6 cm (narrow)
KD-65X9305C | Approx. 169.0 cm (wide) KD-65X9305C | Approx. 60.7 cm (narrow)
KD-55X9005C | Approx. 123.0 cm (wide) KD-55X9005C | Approx. 53.0 cm (narrow)
KD-55X9305C | Approx. 146.8 cm (wide) KD-55X9305C | Approx. 60.7 cm (narrow)