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The TV feels warm or hot to the touch

    It's possible that your LCD TV may feel warm or hot after several hours of use. Since LCD TVs are thin and due to the smaller size of the cabinet enclosure, heat generated by the LED backlight on the bottom or side of TV is more noticeable. The temperature emitted is normal and should not be a cause for concern. This does not indicate a defect nor does it affect the reliability or life of the product.

    As with all electronic products, you should ensure that your TV has sufficient ventilation to avoid overheating. You can reduce your TV's energy consumption and heat emission by changing the picture mode settings or decreasing the brightness.

    Use the following paths to change your settings:

    Changing Picture mode from Vivid to Standard

    [HOME] button on the remote > [Settings] > [TV - Display] > [Picture] > [Picture mode] > “Standard”.

    Changing the Brightness

    [HOME] button on the remote > [Settings] > [TV - Display] > [Picture] > [Brightness].

    IMPORTANT: Please keep your TV between 0°C - 40°C, and avoid exposure to direct sunlight.