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How to set a smartphone as a hotspot for streaming

    To use a smartphone as a hotspot, follow these steps;

    1. Open the Network Setting Tool.
      • For Handycam

        1. From the computer, open the PlayMemories Home software.
        2. Connect the camera and turn it on.
        3. Click Tool.
        4. Click Network Setting Tool
      • For Action Cam

        1. From the computer, open the ActionCam Movie Creator software.
        2. Connect the camera and turn it on.
        3. Click Camera Settings.

          Camera Settings

        4. In the Camera Settings, click Camera Settings for Live Streaming.

          Camera Settings for Live Streaming

    2. In the Network Setting Tool screen, click Next.

      Network Setting Tool screen

    3. In Streaming Services, click Connect.

      Streaming Services

      NOTES: For Action Cams, enter the Network name (SSID) and Password of the smartphone before setting up Streaming Services.

      • Turn on the hotspot feature of the smartphone.
      • To enter the Network name automatically, click Choose and select the smartphone network name from the list.
      • Network name

    4. Enter the Ustream account details and click Login then click Allow.

      Ustream account


    5. Transfer the settings to the camera. Click Transfer to camera.

      Transfer to camera

      NOTE: Ustream does not support 640x360 resolution.

    6. On the Transfer the updated settings to the camera now? and Transfer completed. screen, click OK.

      Transfer the settings to the camera now?

      Transfer Completed

    7. Safely disconnect the camera from the computer.
    8. To start streaming:

      1. In the camera MENU, select Wireless.
      2. Select Live Streaming.
      3. Press the Record button to start/stop streaming.

      NOTES: For Action Cams, go to LIVE by pressing NEXT then press the Record button to start/stop streaming.

      • The camera will start finding the smartphone hotspot with PREP blinking on the display.
      • It may take a while for the smartphone to detect the camera. Once the camera is detected, the connection is complete and ONAIR is displayed.

    When getting a No Access Point Error (NO AP), try the following;

    • Reset the unit.
    • Update firmware of the access point/router.
    • Try a different access point/router.
    • Confirm that the DATE and TIME settings of the camera is correct.
    • Enter the Streaming Services SNS account information and setting for streaming.
    • NOTE: By configuring SNS settings, you can post a comment through social networking services when starting streaming video.

        • Connection settings for Twitter or Facebook.
        • Comments you post.