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What is S-Gamut?

    S-Gamut is a colour space or colour gamut defined by Sony. Examples of a colour space or colour gamut include ITU-R BT.709 for HDTV and DCI-P3 for digital cinema. The latter features a wider range of colour. S-Gamut defines an even wider colour space than that of the previous two. When using S-Gamut, colour must be graded after recording in order to adjust a movie for display on devices such as an HDTV or digital cinema projector.

    There are three types of S-Gamut:

    • S-Gamut
    • S-Gamut3 - Both S-Gamut and S-Gamut3 have wider colour spaces than S-Gamut3.Cine, and they can be widely adjusted. Their colour spaces cover the same range, but S-Gamut3 has improved colour reproduction.
    • S-Gamut.Cine - Has a slightly wider colour space than DCI-P3. Combining S-Gamut3.Cine with S-Log3, which has gradation characteristics similar to those of scanned negative film, makes it easier to grade a movie for playback on devices such as a digital cinema projector.

    For an illustration of each colour space, see the picture below.

    color space