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General information about the DVD-Audio feature of the UHP-H1 Blu-ray Disc player.



    What is the DVD-Audio Hidden Group (Bonus Group)? In some DVD AUDIO discs, you can record bonus tracks which are not credited. Normally, a Hidden Group (Bonus Group) is recorded at the end of a disc, and you can play it by entering a 4-digit password.
    How can I enter the DVD-Audio Hidden Group (Bonus Group)?

    To play the Hidden Group (Bonus Group) using the Group Search, check the following.

    1. Press the OPTIONS button on the remote control while playing the DVD-Audio disc.
    2. Select Group Search.
    3. Select Hidden Group (Bonus Group).
    4. When the password input screen is displayed, enter the 4-digit password of the Hidden Group (Bonus Group).
    How can I get the DVD-Audio password? For the password information, you may find it by following the disc instructions.
    Why is there no DVD-Audio sound after connecting via Bluetooth® technology? DVD-Audio cannot be played via a Bluetooth device due to Digital Rights Management.