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No sound coming from my Soundbar subwoofer

    Each step is a possible solution. Try each step before moving on the next.
    Don’t forget to confirm specific procedures in your product manual or help guide, available on every product page of this support website.

    1. Start with the basics: check your cables

    Confirm that the AC power cord of the subwoofer is connected correctly.
    The LED indicator should lit green.

    1. Interpreting power LED indications
      If the power indicator flashes slowly in green or lights op in red, try to move the subwoofer to a location closer to the Bar Speaker, so that the power indicator lights up in green.
    • Then follow the Secure Link procedure. You can find your model-specific secure link procedure in the manual on your product page.
    • If the power indicator flashes in red, turn off the power and check if something is blocking the ventilation opening of your subwoofer.
    1. Night Mode

    Because Night mode is designed to limit volume levels at night times, it considerably reduces your Subwoofer output. Check if you haven’t accidentally activated Night Mode. You can check by pressing NIGHT on your remote control. Press the button repeatedly and select [OFF].

    1. Is there enough bass or volume?

    A subwoofer is designed to playback bass sound. When the input source does not contain much bass sound (e.g. most TV shows), the bass sound may not be audible. Test this by playing something you are sure of that will generate bass.

    Some models have an independent volume level for both Subwoofer and the Bar speaker.
    Verify if the volume level of the subwoofer is set sufficiently high.


    1. Reset

    If nothing seems to work, you can always reset your system to factory default settings and retry the setup process. Check your manual for the reset procedure of your product.

    Example HT-ST9Example HT-CT390
    • Turn the system on
    • Press HOME
    • Select Setup – Resetting from the home menu
    • Select [Reset to Factory Default Settings]
    • Select the menu item you want to reset
    • Select [Start]
    • While holding INPUT, touch Vol minus and the power button simultaneously for 5 seconds
    • RESET appears in the top panel display
    • Disconnect the AC power cord & wait for a minute
    • Reconnect and turn on the system by pressing the power button
    • Follow the Secure Link procedure to connect the subwoofer