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Firmware updates available for selected Sony Sound Bars - 09/06/2017

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We are pleased to announce that new firmware versions are now available for the Sony Sound Bar models listed below.

Among stability and performance enhancements, the main improved features include Google Cast, Bluetooth connectivity, and the Spotify Playback function.

If your Sound Bar is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or a LAN (Ethernet) cable, please follow the instructions from your Instructions manual in order to update your Sound Bar.

Alternatively, if your Sound Bar is not connected to the Internet, you can update using a USB storage device by downloading the firmware from our Support Website:

  1. Please type your model number in the Support Website homepage search bar to get to your Product Page:


  2. Select the Firmware download:


The below table summarises the firmware availability.

Sound Bar Model

Sound Bar Component

New Firmware Version

HT-CT790 SA-CT790 M34.R.2103     (05/06/2017)
HT-NT5 SA-NT5 M34.R.2103     (05/06/2017)
HT-NT3 SA-NT3 M28.R.0426     (17/04/2017)
HT-ST9 SA-ST9 M28.R.0426     (17/04/2017)
HT-RT5 SA-RT5 M28.R.0426     (17/04/2017)
HT-XT2 N/A M34.R.2103     (05/06/2017)