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How to optimise the connection strength of WF-1000X earphones

    Due to the characteristics of Bluetooth® headphones, connection strength may differ from time to time. Environmental interference, specifications and/or settings of music source devices such as smartphones, might occasionally cause connection fluctuations.

    The WF-1000X prioritises the connection between the left unit of the earphones and the Bluetooth® audio playback device. Consequently, sound from the right unit of the earphones may occasionally be interrupted by:

    • places with strong or multiple Wi-Fi signals
    • microwave interference
    • cordless telephones using the 2.4GHz wavelength.
      (5GHz Wi-Fi signals do not affect 2.4GHz Bluetooth® signals this way.)

    However, this situation may be improved by switching the setting of the Sound Quality Mode from “Priority on sound quality” to “Priority on stable connection” in the “Sony | Headphones Connect” app.