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Cellular phone sound is not audible from the car speakers.

    How to enable the mobile phone sounds from the car speakers?

    Please change Ringtone settings from 1 to 2 (Cellular phone) on BLUETOOTH setup menu of Car Audio.
    IMPORTANT: Changing Ringtone settings to 1 will reset it to factory settings.

    See below for how to change Ringtone settings.

    1. Press volume knob to open MENU.
    2. Rotate volume knob to select BLUETOOTH or SET BT.
    3. Rotate volume knob to select SET RINGTONE.
    4. Rotate volume knob to select SET R.TONE-2


    • If there is still no sound, please press the MODE (back) button on Car Audio to switch the call sound.
    • If you pick up a call by pushing the call button on the cellular phone, sound will come from the cellular phone speaker but not the car speakers. This is by design of the cellular phone, not a malfunction.