Article ID : 00188901 / Last Modified : 29/12/2017

Apps temporarily not displayed or not functioning on certain Sony Bravia TVs (XE70, WE6 and WE75 Series) – 17th November 2017

    We are aware that you may be experiencing difficulties seeing or accessing various video on demand or other Internet service apps.*

    As a temporary workaround, please initialise your personal information by going to the following: [Settings] > [Customer support] > [Initialise personal information].

    If the steps above do not work for you and you are still having issues, we recommend resetting your TV to factory settings: [Settings] > [Customer support] > [Factory settings]. Please note that after completing this process, the initial set-up screen wil be displayed.

    Our engineers are currently investigating the root cause, and will provide a permanent solution (in the form of a software update) in the near future.

    For the latest developments, we recommend bookmarking this page. Alternatively, you can add your model to the Support by Sony mobile app to receive an instant product notification.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    NOTE: Currently, only a limited number of users may experience this issue. If your apps are still working, please disregard this announcement.*