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How to find the Specifications information of Sony products.

    You can check most product information pages to confirm product specifications.

    Alternatively, product operation instruction manuals or Help Guides also feature detailed information on specifications. You can retrieve both on the product page.  

    Important: if the product is not available for sale in the country you are browsing from, specifications will not be displayed. 
    There is a country selector available on the bottom lefthand side of each page. 

    Example for NW-WM1Z

    1. Go to the Sony Support Page
    2. Open the Sony Support Page and start entering your product name to initiate a search.

    3. Select your product to get to the product page

    4. The Specifications button can be found to the top left of the product page. When this is not available, you can click on the Manual section to find operation instruction manuals and online help guides.

    5. The specifications information of the product you searched for will be displayed.