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Grey Import Products from outside the EEA & Switzerland

    Sony has been made aware that a number of retailers import genuine Sony goods from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) & Switzerland for sale to EEA & Swiss consumers.  Often these products are intended for the US or Asian markets that may require different standards and legal compliance.

    If you are a resident in the EEA or Switzerland and buy a product from one of these retailers or purchase a product outside of the EEA & Switzerland, we would like you to be aware that there are risks associated with buying what is termed as a "Grey Import". A grey (or parallel) import may be described as a non-counterfeit product sourced from outside the EEA & Switzerland.

    EEA & Swiss consumers may find that grey import products do not meet their expectations because the products were not configured and tailored for their local market. For example:

    • They may not have a CE mark which is required under European laws and shows (i.a.) that the product meets European safety requirements and can therefore be placed on the European market.
    • Grey imports are not covered by the Sony EEA & Switzerland repair policy and therefore service support will not be covered by the Sony manufacturing guarantee*. This also means there is no in-warranty coverage even for dead on arrival products, at an EEA or Swiss repair centre. You can use the following link to learn more about our warranty policy:  
    • Given that Sony does not intend to place grey import products on the EEA & Swiss market, such products are ineligible to benefit from European promotional campaigns.
    • The box may not contain an EEA or Swiss power supply (adapter/cord) or may potentially include a power supply that was not provided by Sony and therefore Sony was unable to run respective quality checks.
    • Products and accessories which were intended for different countries/regions might not be compatible with each other.

    You can use the following link to find an authorised Sony dealer near you:

    * Tourist models which have a Tourist Limited Warranty Card may be covered by the Sony manufacturing guarantee even if they were purchased outside the EEA & Switzerland.