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VAIO News - Infineon TPM vulnerability in VAIO Pro 13/11 series

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What is the matter with the Infineon chip?

Infineon Technologies, a semiconductor manufacturer, identified a security vulnerability in its TPM (Trusted Platform Module) security chip.

Sony would like to notify the owners of certain VAIO Pro 13/11 series notebook computers that their device is equipped with this TPM chip.

Since this TPM chip does not properly generate encryption keys, the risk of decryption increases. In other words, this vulnerability weakens key strength.

For more details you can visit the Infineon dedicated page.  

What will Sony provide as a countermeasure?

Sony is currently working together with Infineon on a solution. In the future we will provide a program update to solve this vulnerability.

Nonetheless, we expect that this will take some time, so we will inform you as soon as the program update is ready.

Please bookmark and visit this page regularly to receive future updates.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this issue may cause and thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.

What can I currently do if my notebook is affected?

Because the encryption is still effective to a certain extent, we believe that you can continue to use your notebook.

However, please ensure that you've installed appropriate forms of PC theft prevention and anti-virus measures.

Affected models

The following Sony VAIO Pro series, launched between June 2013 and February 2014, might be affected.

  • SVP11 Series
  • SVP13 Series

Note that not every model of this series is equipped with Infineon's TPM chip.

You can find a detailed list at the bottom of this article.

You can use our support page to find out where you can find your model name.


How can I confirm if my model is affected?

  1. Hold down the [Windows] key and press the [R] key. The [Run] dialogue box will open up.
    (Alternatively, type the [Run] command in the Windows [Start] search menu)

    Run command prompt

  2. In the [Run] dialog box, enter [tpm.msc] and select [OK].

    tpm msc in run prompt


Possible outcomes

Result 1: "Compatible TPM cannot be found"

If your notebook is not equipped with the affected TPM chipset, the message [Compatible TPM cannot be found] will be displayed, and therefore your notebook computer is not affected by this issue.

TPM cannot be found

Result 2: Manufacturer version equals 4.31 or 4.32

A [TPM Management on Local Computer] screen will appear. You can find the TPM Manufacturer information located at the bottom of this screen (see screenshot at result 3).

If the manufacturer's version indicates "4.31" or "4.32", the affected Infineon TPM chipset is installed.

This means that your notebook computer is affected by the vulnerability issue.
Please bookmark this page and return for future updates.

Result 3: Manufacturer version does not equal 4.31 or 4.32

A [TPM Management on Local Computer] screen will appear. You can find the TPM Manufacturer information located at the bottom of this screen (see screenshot below).

If other versions than "4.31" or "4.32", are displayed, your notebook is not affected.

191113_Vaio_TPM 4


Affected model list

  SVP11 series      SVP1121C5E*   SVP1122C5E*  *May not be equipped with TPM chipset
 SVP1121A4E  SVP1121W9EB  SVP1121B4E
 SVP1121V9RB  SVP1121C4E  SVP1121M1EBI
 SVP1121Z9EB  SVP1121Z9RB  SVP1121X9EB


 SVP13 series       SVP1321C5E*   SVP1321C5E*   *May not be equipped with TPM chipset
 SVP13218PTB  SVP13219PT SVP1321B6E   SVP1321F4RB
 SVP1321A6E  SVP1321B4E   SVP1321C4E   SVP1321I6RB
 SVP1321C6E  SVP1321D4E  SVP1321E4RB  SVP1321M4RS
 SVP1321M8EBI  SVP1321M9EB  SVP1321M9RB  SVP1321N4RS  
 SVP1321N6RS   SVP1321O6RS  SVP1321Q4RB  SVP1321R4E 
 SVP1321S4E  SVP1321S9EB  SVP1321T4E  SVP1321T6RBI
 SVP1321U4E   SVP1321U6RBI  SVP1321V9EB  SVP1321V9RB
 SVP1321W9EB  SVP1321X9EB  SVP1321X9RB  SVP1321Y9EB 
 SVP1321Z9EB   SVP1321Z9RB  SVP1322A4RB  SVP1322C4RB
SVP1322D4RB  SVP1322E4E  SVP1322F4E  SVP1322G4E
 SVP1322H4RS  SVP1322I4RS  SVP1322J4E   SVP1322J4RS
 SVP1322K4E  SVP1322K4RS  SVP1322L4E  SVP1322M4E
 SVP1322M8EBI  SVP1322M9RB   SVP1322N4RBI  SVP1322O4E 
 SVP1322O4RBI  SVP1322P4RBI   SVP1322Q4RBI  SVP1322V8EBI