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Sony Channel Editor: How to sort, add and delete channels in your Channel List

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Here is the advanced user guide for the Sony Channel Editor.

  1. Searching for channels
  2. Moving channels to the top of your Channel List 
  3. Deleting channels
  4. Moving channels
  5. Sorting channels alphabetically and numerically
  6. Adding favourite channel(s)
  7. Removing favourite channel(s)
  8. Switching from television list to radio list
  9. Help


Searching for channels

There are two methods you can use when searching for channels. You can search purely by the channel number using the small number box in the top-middle section of the application, as well as searching by text (such as channel name) using the search box at the top left-hand side of the application.

Sony editor: Figure 12
Figure 12: Search boxes


Numerical search
Enter the channel number you wish to find (e.g., ‘001’, ‘2’, ‘07’), then press Enter as shown in Figure 13.

Sony editor: Figure 13
Figure 13: Numerical search


Text search
Enter the channel name you wish to find (e.g. ‘ZDF HD’) and press Enter as shown in Figure 14.

Sony editor: Figure 14
Figure 14: Text search


Moving channels to the top of your Channel List 

If you want to position HD channels at the top of your list, please click HD CHANNELS FIRST button on the left-hand side menu. All HD channels will be listed starting from position 1 as shown in Figure 15.

Sony editor|: Figure 15
Figure 15: HD Channels First

Please note that HD channels may or may not have “HD” term in their names. 

Deleting channels

Delete is used to remove selected TV/Radio channel(s) from your current loaded sdb.xml. To delete a single channel, please click on the channel you wish to delete as shown in Figure 16.

Sony editor: Figure 16
Figure 16: Selecting a channel

TIP: To select multiple channels hold CTRL or SHIFT on your keyboard

Then please click DELETE from the options panel on the left-hand side as shown in Figure 17.

Sony editor: Figure 17
Figure 17: Clicking delete

In order to finish the delete operation, please click OK as shown in Figure 18.

Sony editor: Figure 18
Figure 18: Dialog box

The selected channel has now been deleted as shown in Figure 19.

Sony editor: Figure 19
Figure 19: Channel list with deleted channel


Moving channels

You can move single or multiple channels by selecting the ones you wish to move and dragging them to a new position. This makes use of the conventional drag and drop method which allows you to reposition the channels in your list easily and quickly. This method can be used for both television and radio lists.

TIP: The drag and drop method is not suitable for middle positions between selected channels.

Select the channel(s) you wish to move as shown in Figure 20.

Sony editor: Figure 20
Figure 20: Selecting channel(s)


Drag the selected channel(s) to a new location of your choice as shown in Figure 21.

Sony editor: Figure 21
Figure 21: Moving channel(s)


The channels are now in their new positions as shown in Figure 22.

Sony editor: Figure 22
Figure 22: Channels in their new positions


Sorting channels alphabetically and numerically


Sort Alphabetically
In order to sort your channels in alphabetical order, please click Sort Alphabetically.

Sony editor: Figure 23
Figure 23: Selecting sort alphabetically

The channels have now been sorted alphabetically as shown in Figure 24.

Sony editor: Figure 24
Figure 24: Channels alphabetically sorted


Sort Numerically
If you click Sort Numerically, your channels will be sorted in numerical order according to their channel number.

Sony editor: Figure 25
Figure 25: Selecting sort numerically

The channels have now been sorted numerically as shown in Figure 26.

Sony editor: Figure 26
Figure 26: Channels numerically sorted


Adding favourite channel(s)

Favourites can be added to four favourites lists. A television channel or a radio channel can be added to a favourite list.

The favourite buttons are displayed at the bottom of the application screen.

Sony editor: Figure 27
Figure 27: Display Favourites 1, 2, 3 and 4 buttons


Adding channel(s)
To add a single channel, please click on the channel you wish as shown in Figure 28, and select the Edit Favourites button from the options panel.

TIP: To select multiple channels, hold CTRL or SHIFT on your keyboard.

Sony editor: Figure 28
Figure 28: Selecting a channel and Edit favourite button


The dialog box "Add to Favourite" will be displayed to indicate which favourite list to add your selected channel(s) to.

Sony editor: Figure 29
Figure 29: Dialog box displayed when ‘Edit Favourites’ button selected

Channel(s) can be added to one or more favourite lists, by simply choosing a favourite list number and clicking OK.

Sony editor: Figure 30
Figure 30: Dialog box to select the favourite list user would like the channel to be added to


Added channels to a list can be viewed by selecting a favourite button from the button of the application window as shown in Figure 27. A list of the added channels would be shown as in Figures 31 & 32 below.

Sony editor: Figure 31
Figure 31: Channel added to 'Favourites' list – 1


Sony editor: Figure 32
Figure 32: Multiple channels added to 'Favourites' list – 4

Please click the BACK button to return to the application main screen


Removing favourite channel(s)

Favourites can be removed from four favourites lists.

Select a favourite button to display all channels added to the selected favourite list.

Sony editor: Figure 33
Figure 33: Displays all channels added to the selected 'Favourites' list


Select the channel(s) you would like to remove from the favourite list.

Sony editor: Figure 34
Figure 34: Displays selected channel to be removed from the selected favourite list


Unselect the favourite list number to remove the selected channel from the favourite list.

Sony editor: Figure 35
Figure 35: Unselect favourite and click OK


To view the updated favourite list, please click on the favourite button of your desired list.

Sony editor: Figure 36
Figure 36: Shows empty 'Favourites' list after the channel has been unselected


Switching from television list to radio list

In order to view the Radio List, please click Radio List.

Sony editor: Figure 37
Figure 37: Selecting 'Radio List'

All the Radio stations will be displayed

Sony editor: Figure 38
Figure 38: Radio stations displayed


In order to view the Television List, please click Television List.

Sony editor: Figure 39
Figure 39: Selecting 'Television List'

All the Televisions services are displayed.

Sony editor: Figure 40
Figure 40: Television services displayed



In order to get more information about the tool, you can click Help and then About as shown in Figure 41.

Sony editor: Figure 41
Figure 41: Help menu

A pop-up window will appear as shown in Figure 42 which will also include the current version number.

Sony editor: Figure 42
Figure 42: About dialog box