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What must my serial number picture look like

    1. What must my serial number picture look like?

    Please cut the serial number sticker which shows barcodes, model & serial number from the packaging box, photograph it on top of a single-coloured background (e.g. a table) and then upload it.

    We need the serial number cut out of the box as a proof that the product was purchased and was not only viewed at the store or returned after the cashback registration.

    Kindly note that your product warranty rights are not affected by the damage to your product box.

    A picture like this can be accepted:

    A picture like this will be rejected:

    2. What format must be used for uploading documents?

    Please use only files in a pdf, png, jpeg or jpg format and a file name that does not contain any special characters apart from a dot before the file extension.

    3. Are there any size restrictions for uploading documents?

    The file size can be maximum 5MB for a single file. You can upload to 10MB in total.