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How to troubleshoot your Walkman - basic steps

    Step 1: Volume check 

    1. Check the volume level on both the Walkman and headphones: they might be muted. 
      The following steps are to check if the problem is linked to the Walkman or the headphones. 
    2. In the case of wired headphones, check if the headphone jack is properly inserted, or verify if they function with different playback devices. 
    3. In the case of wireless headphones, check if they function with different playback devices. If the Bluetooth headphones are the cause of the issue,
      follow basic Bluetooth troubleshooting:
      1. Check surrounding factors
      2. Unpair (forget pairing information) and Re-pair the device 
      3. Reset the headphones 

    You can find more elaborate info in the Bluetooth summary underneath the Q&A section of your product page. 

    Step 2: Compatibility check

    Verify if there is no sound for all music files. Bear in mind that an incompatible audio file should prompt an error message.
    If so, you’re facing a compatibility issue. Refer to your product manual to learn about all compatible audio formats.  


    Step 3: Reset the Walkman

    Try to reset the Walkman. Resetting/formatting/Initializing processes are explained in each product manual, available on the support website. 
    The example in this article describes the steps to reset the NW-A45/A45HN/A46HN/A47:

    1. Go to Settings (Device Settings / Basic Settings)
    2. Select Reset / Format 
    3. Tap the operation that you want to execute 

    Important: there are several degrees of reset operations you can execute. Try the [Reset All Settings] first before moving on. 
    Other reset operations, such as [Restore to Factory Configuration] will erase all data and return the device to factory settings. 


    Step 4: Freezing or unresponsive? 

    Remember, this example applies to NW-A45/A45HN/A46HN/A47.
    For other models, refer to the help guide or manual (It always includes a troubleshooting section). 

    If one of the following situations occurs, restart the Walkman:

    • The Walkman does not respond to operations.
    • The Walkman screen freezes.

    Adequately charge the Walkman. Then, hold down the power button for 8 seconds until the Walkman restarts.